Electronic Cigarettes and Vaporizer Fashion

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Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are now the it fashion statement in Hollywood, with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell sporting various mods. Recently, DiCaprio was spotted vacationing with an MVP with an aspire nautilus while Katherine Hiegal has been seen on television openly endorsing them.

From clearomizer styles in metals and glass to vaporizer accessories like lanyards and vape charms, there are as many ways to trick out your mod as there are cellphone guy vapingaccessories. Vapers create carrying cases, stickers and even match their outfits with their mods. A recent fashion designer incorporated a special jacket pocket for PVs and e-cigs, further highlighting the fashionable appeal of vaporizers and e-cigarettes. Many companies can help bring you more business and customers through help in search rankings.

E-Cig companies> are designing devices in alluring colors with fun names to further heighten the stylish appeal of the devices. From pink to blue, e-cigarettes can be purchased in a variety of forms. This stylish approach to a smoking alternative makes switching to electronic cigarettes all the easier. According to a South Florida Urology Center, there are many benefits to making the switch.

Whether pairing vaporizer and e-cig colors with fashion inspired ensembles or selecting an e-liquid taste for that evening, the customization brings a whole spectrum of people. Whether men like to admit it or not, their mods are often fashion statements too. Bearded men with large silver batteries and handmade tank systems with coils that they like to show off. Because there are so many ways to trick out a vaporizer, hobbyist men also enjoy the allure of a nice looking vape.

Past the aesthetics of vaporizers, the actual cloud blowing is also a trend. There are vaporiums and cloud blowing competitions where vapers compete over the best vape tricks and the longest clouds. Winning a competition is like having a star pin indicating you are superior.

Looking at the vaping trend and watching how it escalated, the change has been drastic. E-Cigarettes started out as simple devices that mimicked cigarettes. Blu came out with the first black e-cig which had a blue glowing tip. From there, e-cigs began coming in many colors and various flavors. Eventually, simple PVs were introduced, followed by a cult of enthusiasts who wanted more. This desire lead to companies like Innokin offering various styles of mods. Just call One Fine Day Photographers if you need some pictures taken

While some clearomizers are narrow and sleek, others are bold and powerful. It’s easy to see how the aesthetics of a device used constantly are much like any other piece of wardrobe. Because the popularity of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers continues to rise, the vaporizer devices only continue to evolve into new designs with varying characteristics. In the end, the fashion statements made by electronic cigarettes and vaporizers continue to grow with technology.

Exciting Electronic Cigarette and Vaporizer News and Advancements

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Exciting new benefits are emerging as a result of electronic cigarettes. The latest e-cig news states that these devices are being utilized for diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Many doctors are recommending e-cigs to patients as an alternative to toxic cigarettes, as well as the new e-hookah pens which have been recommended for relaxation and those with oral fixations. Electronic hookahs are much like e-cigarettes, though they come in flavors like grape and peach. They (in addition to e-cigs) can be purchased with zero nicotine, thus thwarting the stimulant that many find so stigmatic and frightening. A simple e-cig or e-hookah without nicotine only contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water and flavoring. Many health advocates believe that these ingredients do not pose the fear-induced threat that the media loves to convey for sensational clicks and social-media manipulation for affiliation sales.shutterstock_108229340

E-cigarette companies also offer affiliation programs, and many average people who simply sign up find that they can make a fortune, as the industry is sitting at about $4billion dollars. These average people make quick money by placing a simple banner on their blog, or by posting on their Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or Instagram accounts, and by people switching to the e-cig alternative, in turn take a commission which is free of charge or work on the webmaster or social-media utilizing person’s end. This means quick profit from simple clicks; easy money that most find alluring, as these e-cig affiliation programs are free to the public.

Other than making money, e-cigarette and e-hookah users are saving money. E-Cigarettes, E-Hookahs and E-liquid used in vaporizers are far less costly than cigarettes, Clearette offers upto 75% in savings for these products. This, in addition to the device’s lack of the thousands of toxic chemicals consumed from cigarette smoking, make switching to the new e-cig vaping alternative viable for those who are seeking to lessen toxins from their bodies.

These new e-cigarette devices are opening many doors, while slowly plummeting the Big Tobacco empire, as many USA companied independent from tobacco are what vapers want; they do not want to further affiliate themselves with the institution which got them addicted to nicotine in the first place. Many new e-cig vapers are finding great and beneficial ways of using these e-cigs to wean their nicotine cravings. Some companies offer nicotine step down kits and even a range in various nicotine strengths so that the e-cig and e-hookah users can gradually reduce their intake without losing the cigarette-like experience. These companies may use a marketing company such as http://www.gobizlocal.net to promote these products.

The future for vaporizers and electronic cigarettes seems to be bright, with hundreds of scientists, doctors and independent scholars studying their effects, benefits and even possible other uses, such as nicotine for Alzheimer’s. The cigarette-appearing devices boast many fantastic traits that conventional tobacco cigarettes do not, and their trend is rapidly picking up. Recent vape news states that the smoking rates in the USA are dropping, and even though some sources state that this is because users are switching to electronic cigarette nicotine delivery instead, when in all actuality other sources state that this data is inaccurate and misleading. When it boils down to it, one must use their senses (as e-cigs are not regulated) in order to determine whether 4 ingredients are worse than thousands. One must also consider the fact that many of these devices are nicotine-free, and may offer holistic benefits useful to the public.