Hookahs are Center-Stage

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The use of traditional hookahs has recently gained the attention of popular media and news resources with many citing the hookah as the new-wave of smoking. Recent years have pushed the prevalence of E-hookahs more into mainstream society and less out of the very heavily saturated “cigarette” market. The media has shifted from cigarettes to traditional hookahs, also including electronic hookahs.

As local eateries, vape emporiums and micro-breweries take over the old roads filled with dance clubs, it only makes sense to see certain trends conjunct. It is not uncommon to pass by a swanky cafe with a shiny hookah as a particular table’s centerpiece. As newsies cite the numbers of kids using hookahs rising, no one seems to also be pointing out the obvious: hookahs are gaining popularity overall. So why blame the “new wave” of smoking on hookahs?

If it isn’t a hookah, than it is any tobacco product which offers a flavor other than traditional tobacco and menthol. Hookahs are the easy scapegoat in correlating the youth’s “lust for flavors” with tobacco; and as the FDA and WHO battle the VTM sect of the nicotine industry, the hookah becomes the easy go-to.

But what can be done? Well, it is law to card any individual purchasing a product which contains nicotine. But what else? Obviously, eliminating the hookah is not a possibility. Hookahs have been used for centuries by people all around the world, and are often apart of certain cultures. Eliminating the hookah is simply not an option.

So where to next? Because hookahs will never be outlawed, the focus shifts to electronic cigarettes, a new type of technology which embraces the feeling and experience of a hookah without the chemicals associated with smoke and tobacco. Now lawmakers plan to ban flavored electronic, nicotine-delivery products, which could also include the new electronic hookahs.

The new technology for the hookah pen uses water vapor to deliver the Shisha flavors without the extreme hassles of a traditional hookah. This makes enjoying a hookah more readily available and seemingly less dangerous. Alas, we shall never see an E-hookah in the center of a table.

So how did we get here? People have been using hookahs for decades and now, suddenly, hookahs are the “new thing to worry about.” How did this happen? No, hookahs didn’t become any more dangerous, and if anything, new technology would insinuate that exact opposite. But the nicotine remains- and now hookahs, those old devices that bearded men in fantasy novels puffed away on so peacefully, have taken center-stage.

Franchise Opportunity Advertisements

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Sooner or later, those who own franchises will be selling their businesses to others.
There are many things to consider before selling any enterprise, especially if it’s the family business. Thorough analysis of the market condition must be done as well as an accurate valuation of the business. This is so that pricing the enterprise too high or too low is avoided, ensuring maximum profit in the process.Franchise Opportunities

It would also be beneficial if you will acquire the services of a professional. In most cases, it is best to consult with a business consultant, business broker, and an attorney. Your accountant will be able to tell you exactly how much your business is worth based on turnover, profit margins, stock value, and good will.

Your attorney will handle all the legalities of any transactions.

In addition, advertising your franchise requires good timing. If the market is down, the chances of finding a good deal might be slim. It would be wise to hold off selling and advertising the business until things pick up. Meanwhile, you can use this idle time to make sure your documents are up to date and that there are no tax or other issues you need to settle with the government.
Change of business ownership must be done carefully to avoid problems in the future.

Make good use of technology when advertising Franchises for sale. Internet marketing is a booming business. Traditional print advertising in newspapers and magazines has been decreasing steadily over the past decade, and other forms of advertising now exist. Among them are billboards, the Internet, and other outdoor advertising methods.
Online advertising is one of the fastest growing industries. Surveys show that approximately 35 percent more people (and counting) get their news online than in print.

The Internet is an excellent tool for advertising Franchises for sale, and there are many options to be considered. You can even filter your leads geographically to make sure you are reaching your target audience. The more filters you have, however, the more expensive the lead will be.
Even so, franchisors can save thousands of dollars using the Internet compared with traditional print advertising.

Franchises for sale that advertise have that local business feel with the purchasing power of a national brand. They can offer their customers and franchisees more options and better pricing alternatives compared with independent companies. Furthermore, a franchisor’s training covers marketing and software needs.
Experience in sales, however, is helpful.

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Choosing the Right E-Cigarette for You

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In Paris, you couldn’t turn a corner without seeing someone smoking a cigarette, or at least without smelling a cigarette. Years ago, many people went to Paris as non-smokers but came back as smokers of tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have essentially taken the world by storm, and people all over have stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes and started smoking electronic cigarettes, also commonly called e-cigarettes and smokeless cigarettes. If you’re in Paris now, you won’t turn a corner and smell a cigarette, although you’re likely to see people smoking. Electronic cigarettes are run off of a battery which powers an atomizer that’s inside the piece that looks just like a real cigarette, and this atomizer turns e-liquid juice into a E-Cigarettevapor that the smoker inhales, just like they would when smoking tobacco. E-liquid juice is simply a nicotine infused liquid that also sometimes contains flavor and is also available in different nicotine strengths. This is one of the reasons that people are constantly in search of the top electronic cigarette; electronic cigarettes are widely being used as smoking cessation devices, even though they’re not officially claimed as a smoking cessation device by the FDA. Regardless though, smokers are on the hunt for the top electronic cigarette in order to help them stop smoking. Once they find the top electronic cigarette, they usually have success in quitting because they can take gradual steps down by reducing the amount of nicotine in the e-liquid juice they use while also being able to continue the physical act of smoking, which is something many smokers are addicted to, sometimes more than nicotine. This is in comparison to other cessation devices, like nicotine patches or gum, which although they supply the smoker nicotine the way e-liquid juice does, it forces the smoker to immediately stop the physical aspect of smoking, which is why many smokers end up failing to quit. Being able to gradually cut back has proven to be successful for many.

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So whether that’s what’s going on in Paris is unknown, but either way, that’s what the Romans are doing too…

Benefits of a Franchise Agreement.

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While the allure and benefits of entering into a franchising arrangement are great, there are some considerations to make when deciding if operating a franchise is the right decision for the individual business owner.
Placing oneself under the umbrella of a larger financial entity can help allay risk and offer a greater chance of success, but it also limits the autonomy of the business owner and is not without its own costs.

Financial considerations are the most obvious. The initial costs for starting a franchise can often exceed the costs of establishing an independent business. Beside the cost of building a business from the ground up, there are additional franchising fees that must be paid to the franchisor up front.
Often a franchisor will expect the franchisee to start their business at a specific standard of operations, utilizing equipment or procedures that are more costly than if an independent business owner were to “start small” and work his/her way up.

Beyond the initial start-up costs and franchise fees a franchisee agrees to pay royalty payments for the use of the franchisor’s trademarks. This means that for the duration of the contract, for the life of business, a percentage of the franchise’s monthly gross goes to the franchisor.
This reduces the overall profits of the franchisee and can be considered an additional operational expense that is not incurred by the independent business owner.

Some franchising contracts also stipulate that the franchisee pay a marketing fee to offset the cost incurred by the franchisor for marketing campaigns and market research. The costs to the franchisee for such marketing is usually substantially less than the cost of comparable advertising, if done by an independent business.
However, the franchise operator has no say in how the marketing is conducted or how advertising funds are spent.

The narrow degree of creativity afforded the franchise owner is not limited to the realm of advertising, either. All aspects of the franchised unit must conform to the overall scheme of the franchising business. Most franchisors have standards of appearance and presentation covering all aspects of the business from general site design, down to employee uniforms.
There is little or no leeway for alterations or additions to the overall business or how it is conducted. In order to use the brand name an owner is contractually obligated to follow the brand’s established mode of operation.

Many franchise contracts also specify explicit sources for business supplies. These suppliers have been selected to insure a consistency in the ability to meet the demands and the quality standards of the franchise. While this alleviates the need of the owner to establish such sources independently, it also places a limit on flexibility.
Such suppliers may not always be the cheapest or most convenient source of materials.

Further considerations to take into account when deciding if franchising is a viable business option center around the overall commitment that a franchise contract entails. Once agreed upon, an owner may find him/herself locked into a lengthy contractual obligation with a company that is not well suited to his/her individual business goals.
Furthermore, an owner who is incautious in selecting a stable franchisor may find him/herself tethered to a sinking ship with little means of extraction.

It is important for a potential owner to approach the issue of franchising with clearly defined goals and expectations. While the benefits of operating a franchise are great, there are constraints that are not placed upon the independent business owner. It is important that any potential owner establish whether or not the benefits of franchising outweigh the limitation on an individual basis and keeps in mind that there are no guarantees of success either way.

The Healthy Guide To Electronic Cigarettes

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The Healthy Guide To Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette was invented way back in 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert. Designed as a smoke-free and tobacco-free alternative to cigarettes and cigars, the e-cigarette was constructed to produce flavored air for inhalation. The concept lay dormant until Hon Lik, a pharmacist from China, picked it back up again in 2003, innovating an ultrasound-powered device that could vaporize liquid. The e-cig industry continued to become more technologically advanced; today’s versions use a “cartomizer” (cartridge atomizer) system which heats liquid using a coil. Being electronic, most digital vapor devices are powered by rechargeable batteries. In the US and EU, electronic cigarettes are widely available, and many states and countries impose laws restricting sale and use to adults aged over 16 or 18. For example, when you visit http://www.clearette.com the user is prompted to verify that he/she is above the age of 18.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthy?

Many consumers are concerned about the potential and known health effects of electronic cigarettes. We delved into some of the latest scientific research findings to weigh in on the debate.

1. E-Cigarettes can are an alternative to cigarettes

Nicotine, a stimulant drug and a major addictive component of cigarettes, is one of the hardest habits to kick when it comes to giving up smoking. Many e-cigarettes contain nicotine, allowing them to be used as a substitute to gum, patches or tablets. The familiar oral sensation of puffing on a cigarette is also useful when it comes to soothing cravings. Some health services acknowledge electronic cigarettes as part of a Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) program. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) does not officially support e-cigarettes as anti-smoking aids, citing the need for further research. A New Zealand medical journal, The Lancet, recently concluded that even without nicotine, e-cigarettes can help soothe cravings and lead to a quicker cessation of traditional smoking. A 2011 study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found that after 6 months of e-cigarette use the majority of participants had lessened their consumption of standard cigarettes.

Finding The Best E-Cigarette Brand

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As the electronic cigarette marketplace has turned more and more crowded, the end-user looking to pick up their foremost e-cig has been faced with the really difficult task of locating the best e- cigarette brand. When the industry was just initiating up, consumers had confined choices when choosing an e cigarette starter kit and, in a way, life was easier back then! Obviously the technology wasn’t what it is now, but the augmented competition has just made it downright hard these days to come across the best e cigarette from the best e-cigarette brand.

This year has been a crucial one for the electronic cigarettes, a turning point of sorts for general acceptance, and a subsequent embrace by the big tobacco. With e-cigs apparently here to stay, innovative brands that were each already developing and producing their own e cigarette starter kit now had to understand that big tobacco’s new motto of “if you can’t beat them, join them” meant increased competition.

Below are some key factors to help you locate the brand that produces the best e cigarette satisfying your needs:

Selecting the best e-cigarette brand for you at times means going through a few not so fascinating experiences. Of course, if you do your study you can easily cut down on money and time wasted, not to mention the dissatisfaction. What a lot of leading brands have that the newer ones don’t is a developed reliability to their products and their brand. When you choose an e cigarette starter kit from the Apollo, Green smoke or White Cloud, among others, you recognize exactly what you are going to get since those companies have been improving their products for years.

Availability and Customer Service
Finding the best e-cigarette brand also means coming across a reliable company that stands behind their products. Every Brand out there believes they produce the best e cigarette, however when you go out to make your purchase you wish to find a company that stands behind their products and delivers for their clients. To us, this means having the stuff you want available when you require them, along with the best customer service that will be there for you as you transition to using e cigarettes as an alternative to the traditional tobacco.
Good customer service is very important, and that’s why our highest rated brands each have the service we expect from those striving to be the best e-cigarette brand.

Highly Rated
Electronic cigarettes are turning out to be a big business, with 2013 being the year that has really pushed the e- cig industry past $ I billion in sales. A billion dollar industry – wow!  Well yes, that’s a fact. When things turn that grand, everyone notices and desires a piece of a wildly rising and profitable field. For the customer, increased competition mean lower prices and greater innovation. It also means a flood of companies making your choice on the best e-cigarette brand that much difficult. As you search for an e cigarette starter kit that bets caters your needs, you must try keep our key factors in mind to help you slender your choice. If you’re still uncertain, hit us up on live chat or on our boards. We’ll do our best to keep you conversant and make your choice that much easier. The road leading to your best e cigarette is awaiting you!

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Advantages of smoking e-cigs that you never thought of!

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There are many benefits to “vaping” an e-cigarette. No offensive odor, no bad breath, or smokers cough. Here are two big advantages that you might not have thought of.


Electronic CigaretteTime and time again you hear how electronic cigarettes have no second hand smoke and it’s a wonderful advantage for the people around you! Well what about the air and plants around you. We focus so much on what it does to people, that I never took the time to think about the environment.

Tobacco production is the cause for 600 million trees being destroyed. There are over 4.5 trillion cigarette butts thrown away each year. While the second hand smoke is bad for people, it also lowers the air quality.. There are cases when people toss that still lit cigarette out of their car in a dry environment and it causes a fire. The production of cigarettes is causing Mother Nature to be an ashtray

Everything is going green to help preserve Earth and make sure it is around for generations to come. E-cigarettes are just another step to go green. E-cigarettes can be recycled at most of your local recycling facilities and it does not toss its ashes or butts into the street. It is a clean alternative to the mess a cigarette makes.

Take Control of Your Career

Studies show smokers typically get paid less than their co-workers. There are about 6,000 companies who will simply not hire smokers in the Unites State alone. There are reasons that back this thinking for companies.

First, studies have shown that a smoker will spend an hour of their work day smoking, which a company is losing in your production and assistance. So many raised the question, why should someone get paid to smoke during the day and work less?

Second is the cost to the company. Companies spend more on smoker’s benefits, since they are not as healthy. For employers who will hire smokers, many have started putting the added cost to the employee. So now if you smoke, you can be paying an extra $1000-$2000 in healthcare and life insurance premiums through your work. Many employers have offered programs to help you quit and to help minimize your cost as well as theirs.

Many small business owners have stated they simply do not want smoking around their establishment to maintain professionalism, especially in businesses where you are face to face with your clientele every day.

So add this to the long list of benefits of electronic cigarettes. We know that electronic cigarettes save you money just by making the switch, but to know that it can put even more money into your paycheck, the choice is clear!! If your looking for a premium brand of e-cigarettes, we recommend visiting http://www.clearette.com